International Exposure and Co-Curricular Learning

Exposure & Learning

International Exposure and Co-Curricular Learning

Student Exchange Programme

The Department strongly supports and encourages students to participate in student exchange to enrich their University life and gain the valuable cross-cultural exchange experiences. During the exchange period, students are registered as full-time students in overseas institutions. Credits earned can be transferred to the academic programmes students are studying. For details, please visit here.

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 Internationalization Activities

The Department has been actively exploring different internationalization opportunities for students to gain international exposure, enrich their learning and cultural exchange experience by providing sponsorship for students to participate in student exchange and summer activities organized by overseas universities, and expanding our exchange programmes to cover popular exchange destinations worldwide.

Summer Program at the University of British Columbia, Canada in 2022
Summer Session at Stanford University, USA in 2022

 Student Mentoring Scheme (SMS)

Throughout the academic year, regular informal gatherings are organized by student mentors to help new students adapt smoothly to university life. A variety of activities are organized such as orientation tours, company visits and study workshops in which student mentors can share their experiences with new students as well as monitor their continued progress.

Mentor-mentee gathering in the Student Orientation

Campus internship Scheme (CIS)

The scheme provides service-learning opportunities to CityU’s undergraduate students through on-campus employment to enhance students’ understanding of the work environment and their long-term personal and professional development.

The Department has been heavily involved in the scheme by employing students for various activities ranging from technical support to participation in research.

Professional Mentorship Programme (PMP)

With support from the CS Departmental Advisory Committee, the Department organizes a Professional Mentorship Programme, which provides an opportunity for CS students to understand the business environment and different areas in IT industry, enhance their soft skills and interact with senior IT professionals. The programme is well received by both mentors and mentees. Students in general feel that they are benefited from the programme and have learnt from their interactions with mentors.

 Research Mentorship Scheme (RMS)

To motivate students to strive for excellence, the Department organizes the Research Mentoring Scheme where outstanding undergraduate students are assigned experienced faculty members as their mentors and join the research work of academic staff. Students are also encouraged to develop their research discovery into tangible outcomes such as publication of conference papers.