Student Activities

Question  What activities are availabe for students other than studying?

Student Activities

Mentoring Scheme

The Department is actively involved in the Student Mentoring Scheme to help new students to transit smoothly to university life and to shape up senior students as big brothers and sisters for our freshmen.

 A variety of activities are organized with the participation of academic staff and students mentors for the mentees, such as orientation tours, a help desk, study groups and a leadership training camp.

Mentoring Scheme

On-Campus Service-learning Scheme (OSS)

On-Campus Service-learning Scheme

The OSS provides service-learning opportunities to CityU's undergraduate students through on-campus employment opportunities to enhance their employability.
Through the OOS, students' understanding of the work environment and their long-term personal and professional development is enhanced.
The Department has been heavily involved in the OSS by employing students for various activities including as helpers for the student orientation and the Information Day.

Overseas Study Tours

  • The study tours are intended to broaden our students' views of IT education and enterprises, and enhance their learning experience and personal development while studying at CityU.
  • Over the past few years, these sponsored study tours have covered destinations such as Australia, the Mainland China, the USA and Japan.

2011 - Southern California

Date: June 14 to June 23
Visiting: UCSD, UCLA, USC, CalTech, Qualcomm

Austraili 2008

2010 - Taiwan

Date: June 7 to June 12
Visiting: the National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Cheng Kung University

Austraili 2008

2009 - Singapore and Malaysia

Date: May 25 to May 30
Visiting: National University of Singapore, NanYang Technological University, Multimedia University

Austraili 2008

2008 - Australia - Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast

Date: May 31 to June 7
Visiting: University of Sydney, The University of Newcastle, The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology

Austraili 2008

2007 United Kingdom, London, Edinburgh, Cambridge

Date: May 22 to May 30
Visiting: University of College London, Imperial College of London, University of Edinburgh, University of Cambridge

United Kingdom 2007

2006 Japan - Tokyo, Tsukuba, Osaka, Kyoto

Date: May 22 to May 28

Japan 2006