Myth 7 - Computer Science is the study of how to write computer programs.

Myth Seven – Computer Science is the study of how to write computer programs.

 Question Computer Science is far beyond computer programming.

  • Although computer programming is an essential and basic topic in Computer Science, Computer Science is much more than writing computer programs.
  • A computer program involves a set of instructions expressed in a particular programming language for achieving certain functions/purposes. The logic defined in a computer program instructs the hardware and operating systems of a computing system to perform their jobs.
  • Before writing a program, we need to have a good understanding of the problems to be resolved and also need to have a good design for solving those problems. Normally, they are defined based on the needs of users.
  • Programming is just like writing down the steps for telling other people to perform a job. Before we tell them how to do and what to do, we need to have a good plan. This is the system design. How to make a good design is a core knowledge in Computer Science.
  • Although most undergraduate programmes in Computer Science may have one to two courses on computer programming in the first year, the more advanced courses concentrate on more diverse skills, such as system design and problem solving.
  • As such, after obtaining a Computer Science (bachelor) degree, graduates are NOT necessarily restricted to being a programmer. In the IT industry, relevant jobs include software engineers, database administrators, system support, IT auditors, enterprise consultants, security specialists, solution developers, etc. As Computer Science focuses on logical thinking and problem solving for our daily lives, computer science graduates can also do well in non-IT jobs. Examples of these kinds of jobs that require extensive logical thinking are ICAC investigators, financial planners and wedding planners.