Myth 10 - Computer Science is NOT a professional discipline.

Myth Ten – Computer Science is NOT a professional discipline.

 Question Computer Science is a new professional discipline.

  • We have various Computer Science professional organizations around the world and in Hong Kong.
  • Two of the largest Computer Science organizations in the world are the ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) and the IEEE Computer Society. Both of them have associate members, full members, senior members and fellows. To be a fellow, a computer professional must have outstanding achievements in certain fields in Computer Science (the highest distinction in Computer Science is the Turing Award, which is also regarded as the “Nobel Prize of computing”).
  • There are different special interests groups focusing on particular subject areas in Computer Science. For example, in the ACM has SIGMOD and the IEEE has Technical Committees on Electronic Commerce and Multimedia Computing.
  • In Hong Kong, Computer Science societies include HKCS (Hong Kong Computer Society) and ACM HK. Furthermore, under HKIE, there is a division on Information Technology. The basic requirement for membership is normally an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or a related discipline requirement together with relevant work experience in the IT/Computer industries.
  • There are various professional certification examinations to certify the professionalism of a computer professional in particular skills including software project management, database management and computer security. Although someone can become a programmer after self-study on a programming language, formal training of Computer Science and related disciplines is highly important for becoming a successful computer professional.